How Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs’ Brief Breakup Made Them Stronger Than Ever

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Bachelor Nation’s Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs shared a look inside their life together in San Diego, Calif. Find out why the couple is happier than ever.

In Bachelor Nation, the comeback can be greater than the setback.

Last summer, Bachelor in Paradise viewers watched Becca Kufrin, 32, and Thomas Jacobs, 29, fall in love in Mexico. But on the show’s season finale, the audience was surprised to see the couple break up.

The couple shared new details about their quick reconciliation

“Everything, I would say, happens for a reason,” Becca told E! News at Swirl Boutique x L*Space’s Psychedelic Summer event in Carlsbad, Calif. “When we were dating on the beach for that short amount of time, everything was smooth sailing. It was perfect…But for me, I needed more of the real life. I think to go through that breakup in that very short courtship ultimately brought us back together.”

Becca said that the night of the breakup, she went back to her hotel room crying. "I was just sobbing," she said. "I was like, ‘I gotta get his number and reach out to him and see if I can make amends.'"

If you couldn't already guess, Thomas was more than receptive in trying to make the relationship work away from the cameras. The pair found themselves spending more time in his hometown of San Diego, Calif. And as their one-year anniversary approaches in June, the duo is quick to say life is good.

As Thomas said, "We broke up on the beach. At that point, you don't have a responsibility to anybody to be together unless it's to each other to be together. I know for me, that's a lot more real…We could have chosen just to walk away and no one would have said anything. We chose each other and we continue to choose each other every day."

As Becca and Thomas continue house hunting in San Diego in hopes of finding a "permanent spot for both of us", the pair said they enjoy exploring hole-in-the-wall restaurants around town. You might also spot the pair taking their dogs to the park before they head home for game night and bed time by 10 p.m.

And while the couple shares glimpses of their relationship on social media, both Becca and Thomas admit there are so many qualities they admire about each other that fans don't see.

"I would say my favorite quality about Becca is her desire to experience," Thomas said. "She understands that life is the most beautiful thing and she's not afraid to go all in and go for things. It's a fun life."

As for Becca, she's quick to credit Thomas for making her more patient and grateful for all of the good in her life.

"He makes me sit back and be like, we have a great life," she said. "You are so blessed for everything that you've been given. Enjoy the little moments. Enjoy the people that you meet, the interactions that you have. He just makes me slow down and enjoy the small moments in life and I think that everyone can do that."

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