10 interesting facts about animals

Various animals are all around us. Many people keep such pets us dogs, cats, hamsters, parrots or ferrets. Meanwhile we offer a closer look at all the diversity of the animal kingdom and find out the secrets that mammals keep.

Cats cannot move their jaws on both sides. Furthermore, they have 32 muscles in the each ear. Besides, unlike most cat species, ocelots swim well and are fond of this process.

The giraffe’s brain is located at the height of about 16 ft (5 meters) from the ground. That’s why it has a really large and strong heart to deliver blood at such a height. Besides, the giraffe’s tongue is completely black and is about 1,6 ft (50 cm) long. In addition, the first European name for a giraffe is a “camelopard.” Europeans thought that this animal was a such a strange mixing of a camel and a leopard.

It turns out that moles perfectly see, as their eyesight is quite sharp. Only they escape from the light because they believe that this is a signal that the predator is somewhere nearby. On the other hand, a mole can dig a tunnel of about 262 ft (80 meters) overnight.

The elephant has 4 knees, this is the only animal on the planet with such a bone structure. Besides, the elephant can stand on its head. Moreover, an elephant’s brain weighs only 0.3% of its body weight. Meanwhile, an elephant’s tooth can weigh up to 20 lbs (nine kilograms)!

The main food of an anteater is not ants, but termites.

The main getters in the lion pack are lionesses, they bring 90% of the food.

Each year the authorities of the Tokio zoo, in the capital of Japan, close it for 2 months so that the animals can rest from people.

Whales have nipples, because they feed the cubs with milk like we do it. But it’s terribly inconvenient to do it in the water. Therefore, the cow whale splashes milk of 50% fat content into the baby’s mouth with strength, using special muscles. Furthermore, a small whale gains 198 pounds (90 kilograms) per day. Therewith, every second the whale inhales about 317 gallons (1,200 liters) of air.

No animal has been domesticated for the last 4 thousand years.

Sloths sleep 75% of their lives.

Rats can live without water longer than other animals on Earth.

Rats appeared on the planet almost 50 million years. It means that they came earlier than humans.

There is a straight spine under a camel’s hump or humps.

Only chimpanzees can recognize themselves in the mirror among all the animals in the world.

Dolphins do not shut one eye while sleeping.

Tigers has not only striped fur, but its skin is also has stripes.

The newborn giraffe falls from a height of 5 ft (1.5 meters).

The bat is the only flying mammal.

Digging nuts, acorns and other seeds, each squirrel “plants” 20-25 trees per year.

There are nearly 400 breeds of dogs on the planet nowadays.


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